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C programming

Kickstart your computer programming journey with a widely used programming language: C

C programming Training & Certification Course


One of the pillars of contemporary information technology (IT) and computer science is C programming (CS). It is one of the all-purpose programming languages for computers. The functionalities and features of C are the foundation for or a reflection of numerous IT and CS working principles, including computer architectures, operating systems, networking, databases, data acquisition, algorithms, and computer games. The course will explain one of the simplest languages to comprehend, even for a beginner, which is a machine-independent programming language currently used to create various applications, operating systems like Windows, and other complex programs like the Oracle Database.

Scope of Course

  • The C programming language is easy to grasp. It is excellent for system-level programming as it is close to the operating system, which makes it easier to access system resources like memory.
  • Students who want to learn advanced programming techniques such as object-oriented programming, event-driven programming, real-time programming, multi-threaded programming, network programming, embedded programming, parallel programming, other programming languages, and emerging computing paradigms such as grid and cloud computing can do so with this course. The course provides a strong foundation for these advanced programming techniques. It includes data type conversion, functions, files and streams, and the GCC compiler.
  • Career Prospects / Job Roles

    C programming has outstanding career opportunities in several domains. From robotics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to working as a Senior Programmer, Game Programmer, Programming Architect, and IOT Engineer, students can pursue careers in other sectors such as education, teaching, etc.
    • Game Programmer
    • Programming Architect
    • IOT Engineer

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