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Welcome to the exciting world of Creo’s 3D CAD for product innovations

CREO Parametric Training & Certification Course


Creo Parametric is a widely used mechanical engineering software for 3D CAD parametric design, technical illustrations, and visualization. With Creo Parametric, engineers can model in both parts and assemblies and reuse components intelligently.

Scope of Course

The course aims at equipping you to create a complete 3D digital model of products, manage 2D and 3D solid model data for further applications using Finite Element Analysis, rapid prototyping, tooling design, and CNC manufacturing. You will also learn about the software’s parametric and direct modelling capabilities. Training will be given in the following key skills:
  • Sketch tools
  • Part modeling features
  • Part editing features
  • Datum features
  • Assembly modeling
  • Advanced assembly
  • Surface modeling
  • Sheet metal design
  • Drawing views
  • Dimensions & annotation

Career Prospects / Job Roles

CAD systems are now used throughout the industry, and 3D modelling has become a standard procedure in engineering design today. Creo is the 3D CAD solution that helps designers accelerate product innovation and build better products faster. Because the software is parametric, accommodating late-stage changes becomes easy. For over 30 years, Creo has remained a market leader. Students or professionals trained in Creo can easily find some of the following jobs across a variety of industries.
  • Design Engineer - Creo
  • Mechanical CAD Designer
  • Product Design Engineer- Creo

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