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Push the Envelope of Performance with NX CAM's Automated NC Programming

NX CAM Training & Certification Course


NX CAM helps automate NC programming and reduce cycle times with application-specific, highly effective tools. The NX CAM course will teach you how to use single CAM software from 2.5-axis machining and molding production to systemic 5-axis milling and massive production, allowing you to produce better parts more quickly. After completing this course, you will be able to use NX CAD/CAM and Post Builder to model and device any component and use NX CAM with any CNC machine.

Scope of Course

This programme is designed for people unfamiliar with NX and employees of any company who understood NX a long time ago and need a quick refresher on the tools and operations they can immediately apply to their projects. After completing this course, you will be able to
  • Generate G code for operations such as Multi-Axis Milling, Planar, Contour, Hole Making, Turning, and Wire EDM.
  • Understand the CAM concept and the most frequently used operations of Siemens NX by operating individually on any version of any part.
  • Generate workpieces for any complicated part using the NX CAM operations illustrated in Examples and Exercises.
  • They create toolpaths and CNC programming for them.

Career Prospects / Job Roles

NX CAM is the most widely used manufacturing software across all industries, from aviation to energy. Anyone with an understanding of NX CAM can quickly find employment because:
  • Machine Operator / Machinist
  • CAD Engineers and Designers
  • NX Users
  • Mechanical Engineers
  • Technicians
  • Drafters
  • Injection Mold
  • Instrumentation
  • Tool Room
  • and Manufacturing Engineers

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