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Learn NX CAD and churn out realistic designs and models real fast

NX CAD Training & Certification Course


NX, formerly known as “Unigraphics”, is an advanced high-end CAD/CAM/CAE software. It is a robust 3D solution that enables fast and realistic concept design and modeling. NX supports the modelling of both complex surfaces and solid models. It comes with more advanced freeform modelling capabilities.

Scope of Course

This course familiarizes you with NX s easy-to-use interface and flexible and powerful tools. It teaches you the methods involved in using NX to create high-performance modeling, drafting and assembly design. In addition to learning the tools of product design, you will also learn all about NX s data management capabilities. Training will be given in the following key skills:
  • Sketch creation & editing tools
  • Part modeling features
  • Part editing features
  • Assembly modeling
  • Advanced assembly
  • Surface modeling
  • Sheet metal design
  • Drawing views
  • Dimensions & annotations
  • Rendering
  • Placement of dimensions

Career Prospects / Job Roles

NX CAD is a breakthrough in the industry. It has set new standards for speed of design, analysis, and ease of use. It is considered the future of CAD/CAM technology. The software puts forward a case for CAD professionals to upgrade themselves to a career in NX and earn more. Students or professionals who are trained in NX’s advanced capabilities to design, draft, and work with engineering-related designs and manufacturing are in great demand. Their career prospects include
  • NX Design Engineer - Mechanical
  • NX CAD Designer
  • Lead - Mechanical Design
  • CAD Designer

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