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Embedded the microcontroller and the application to automate the task

Embedded C

  • Fundamentals of Programming Language
  • C Programming Structure, Storage Classes and Data Types
  • Operation and Condition Statements
  • Array, Pointers, Structure and Union, Strings
  • Types, Variable, Functions and loops
  • Program flow control and Memory Allocation

  • RTOS

  • RTOS Components
  • RTOS Thread Communication
  • What is Kernel | Relevance of Kernel in RTOS Architecture
  • How does RTOS (Real Time Operating System) Work
  • Advantage and Dis-advantage of RTOS

  • CAN Protocol

  • CAN Bus and CAN Message
  • CAN Physical Layer
  • CAN connector
  • CAN Frames and Errors
  • Bit Stuffing and Bit Timing
  • Configuration of CAN protocol

  • Micro-Controller

  • Architecture of Microcontroller
  • Provide an overview of difference between microprocessor and micro controller
  • Processor types and memory Structures and Organization of Data Memory
  • Provide background knowledge and core expertise in microcontroller
  • Understand the importance of different peripheral devices & their interfacing

  • Testing

  • V&V Understand essential links between the product validation and simulation V&V
  • Develop their knowledge in V&V including fundamental concepts, most recent methodologies and contents of existing standards
  • Understand validation test issues and improve synergy between virtual and physical tests in the context of validation.
  • Learn how to build business cases allowing for justification of V&V plans.
  • Learn how to implement reporting to bring visibility and confidence to all managers concerned with simulation outcomes.

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